Shevet Achim is a volunteer-run organisation which only exists because of the faith and courage of the Miles family, who saw a need in the Middle East and found a way to help. That need was children with heart defects. Children who, without life-saving surgery, were unlikely to live past their childhood years. In their home countries of Syria, Gaza and Iraq these children aren't given the opportunity to have surgery. But with the help of many Christians around the world, with money, time and effort, the children can now come into Israel and receive heart surgery at the Wolfson Hospital!

While the children and their parents are in Israel they stay at the Shevet House in Jerusalem, along with the volunteers who work out there, helping them settle in and feel at home. Sometimes waiting for surgery at the hospital can take months, but in that time the families are kept busy with outings and their new friends in Jerusalem. While they're in Israel, the families are shown a glimpse of God's heart through the love and care they receive, the prayers given for them and the gifts presented before they go back home.

Shevet Achim isn't just an organisation or a charity, it's a community of people brought together by one aim: to love and care for their neighbours.

A group from Emmanuel was blessed to visit the House in Jerusalem where the families stay and we took bags of soft toys for the children, when we visited the Wolfson hospital. It was such an amazing experience to see God's love in practice first-hand in the land of Israel and to chat with the families there, who were so friendly and full of thankfulness.

Emmanuel supports Shevet Achim financially. If you're interested in finding out more, do take a look.